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 [Read] Clanwar Application Format.

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[Read] Clanwar Application Format. Empty
PostSubject: [Read] Clanwar Application Format.   [Read] Clanwar Application Format. EmptyTue Nov 05, 2013 11:38 am

Hello. If you want to have a ClanWar with us, you should fill up the application. Example:

=TS= vs (Your Team)

Date (Example: 15 November, 2012, 15:00 GMT +1)

Server we play on (Own personal clan server or other)

=TS= Players: (You can leave this blank)

=TS= Reserve:(You can leave this blank)

(Your Team) Players:

(Your Team) Reserve:

We have read the rules and we accept them

ClanWar Rules:

*IF a player Timeout before the beginning of fight, we restart that round/fight.

*IF a player timeout During a fight.
(If the fight had started) The alive clan member takes the point.

*IF a player is Lagging too much, Reserve player plays then.

*Any type of Abuse / Bad attitude / Capslock-Use  and Bug killing is not allowed.
( Dis-obeying any of these will result in a point to the opposite team)

*At the end of clanwar there shall be no type of none-sense Shooting at the loosing team.

[Read] Clanwar Application Format. Signature_zps217075cc
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[Read] Clanwar Application Format.
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