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 [5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz

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[5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz Empty
PostSubject: [5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz   [5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz EmptyTue Nov 05, 2013 12:13 pm

It was fun and very enjoying Duel. It was done at Xe Server Here are the Details:-

Duel Type: 10 Fights, 1 vs 1.

Clan: =TS= ( Twisted Skills )

Player from =TS=: =TS=Doom_Killer

Clan: [DZ] ( Death Zone )

Player from [DZ]: [DZ^]GranDolz


=TS=Doom_Killer ---------- [DZ^]GranDolz

9 ---------- 1

Won by Doom_Killer

We thank [DZ^]GranDolz for an amazing Duel.

Comments Below

[5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz Signature_zps217075cc

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[5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz Empty
PostSubject: Re: [5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz   [5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz EmptyThu Nov 14, 2013 9:47 pm

Nice Score
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[5/oct/2013] =TS=Doom_Killer vs [DZ^]GranDolz
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