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 Example: How to Apply

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Example: How to Apply Empty
PostSubject: Example: How to Apply   Example: How to Apply EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 2:52 pm

This is the example of how you can make an application to join the clan in DM Category. Please Keep in mind that It is not necessary to use the same way i am using because you have to make the application your self! This is just a Demonstration to make it clear for the applicants what exactly i mean in the How to join Post.

First you can start by your normal info... Try to make the application in paragraph form so it looks like you are giving a brief information about you and your time in vcmp.

Hello i am Doom. My real name is Abdul, i am 15 years old. I had started playing vcmp some time from now. I am really interested in DM. I once had a clan VDK but due to some problems i closed it. I like taking parts in clanwars. My favorite servers are Xe European, Little Whitey's and Extreme Addicts. I am usually calm but even i get angry i try to control my self.

I would like to join this clan because i think it suits me, i will help in clan fights or other things.

i Think that's not pretty hard to explain... or to do. Well maybe you can do even better apply than this by using some Headings and more colors. Good luck Wink

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Example: How to Apply
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